Made in Brazil by the bikini experts.

Our head seamstress Conceição has had four bikini factories in her time and today is the star behind the scenes making sure each piece is cut to perfection and sewn to the highest standards. C along with four other experts have all worked together as a team since the 70’s, they have witnessed swimwear trends come and go and come back around again. They are simply the can do, know it all about swimwear Queens that we quite simply couldn’t live without!

Luca believes fate brought her to Conceição, or rather her friend who’s neighbour’s cousin’s wife aunt brought the two together.

We only manufacture the right quantities.

We believe that the first aspect of sustainability is quality over quantity. Over production and out of control inventory is a long and old story in the fashion industry. At Luca Nua our intimate and close relationships with suppliers and seamstresses has meant that we are not tied to minimum orders, in other words we only produce what we know we can sell. Our focus is quality and care over quantity at every step. This we believe is one of the many advantages to being a small and manageable business, we keep inventory neat, never over producing.  


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Exciting news about our fabric

Luca Nua is very excited to announce that we have been doing some extensive research into sustainability and are excited to launch our new AMNI SOUL ECO yarn which is the first biodegradable swimwear fabric in the world.

What does this mean? When this fabric is disposed of correctly, it will decompose in 3 years. (explain this better etc…)

We got to test drive and shoot this new collection at our recent shoot in Rio on our very fabulous new faces. Make sure to check our their tips for Rio in our Journal.