Timing is everything

One of the reasons we returned to Brazil this September, which is an usual month to go, was to re organise production timings.  It became very clear to us this year that our manufacturing timings needed to change. We work with seamstresses who also produce and sell their own bikinis during the summer in Brazil and for the last couple of years we have all been manufacturing at the same time.  Seems silly now and obvious too, but we have tweaked and changed for the better! Luca Nua now produces during the “coldest winter” months in Rio and when our seamstresses are selling the least of their own lines. This simple change means that our seamstresses now have steady consistent income through out the year, and not just seasonally. It also allows them to focus on their own collections during peak season, and when the time comes to work with Luca Nua they can solely focus on our pieces.  A small change like this has eased the pressure for everyone. Timing is everything as they say!

Luca Brantly